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Final Expense Planning

The end-of-life has its emotions of grief, yet the addition of financial strain can increase the struggle of coping through the loss of your loved one, when unpaid debts can be overwhelming.  Whether planning to cover basic funeral fees, or preparing for the unexpected.  Plans can be developed for lump-sum to more in-depth final wish services.   

Family Protection

Life has enough uncertainty, let alone the concerns of planning estates, drafting advanced directives, power of attorney forms, arranging living wills, organizing final wishes and beneficiary assignments. Notary services and loan signing agents available for  the State of Oregon at this time.  Preparation eases the added stress during the grieving of a loved one,

Investment Planning

The amount of effort working to save to offset medical expenses, social security benefits, mortgage, or the last few year of your child's college tuition can be a chain of events that can interrupt the anticipated days of hassle-free retirement. Protecting your home by a smart investment that offers payout strategies for unexpected life changes.  

Supplemental Health Plans

We all know that healthcare can be expensive, especially when insurance has limitations, and your left with paying added expenses, which adds up quickly.  For offsetting Medicare coverage, or if you need dental and vision benefits, we can help improve your road to better health. Supplemental Medicare Plans, Dental, Vision, and Elder Care options.

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