Privacy Policy

HIPPA Compliant Your information submitted will kept confidential, to only be used to quote policies and maintain a trusted partnership between agent, client, and insurance company. 

HIPPA is a federally and state regulated conduct policy, and client health record CLIENT RECORDS Your information is stored in standard hardcopy and digital management software for producing effective client services. Data storage is regulated by the issuing license board, NIPR, and policy company.
ADVERTISEMENTS Affiliate marketing may appear in company advertisements, product illustrations, and promotions. Agent brochures, questionnaires, and carrier documents may contain their respective logo and contact information. 

CLIENTS can feel rest assured in having access to competitive pricing. We have access to a range of top insurance carriers in the nation, affiliates and partners, and senior agents from the stages of quote to application to review process. An experienced agent will spend time researching and collaborating with you to find the policy with the most cost-efficient rates. 

QUOTES are not policies. The difference between a quote, like an estimate, is the foundation for building a policy application. Agents are permitted from promising policy approvals, due to various benchmarks each insurance company has for each type of policy offered among the many insurance carriers. Agents will work diligently with each client to produce a true and application.

We guarantee fast and discrete handling of your consultation to your policy issue and into the future .  Our team of highly qualified agents will work for you.  WHY?  We are with you from beginning to end, and your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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If at anytime you are unsure of your insurance, regardless of when the policy was acquired, we are here to help ensure you receive the best policy options for your premium.   Let's take care of your future today.

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